The Regista

Who Are We?

In the wake of victory, we want to take this opportunity to tell everyone a little more about what our community is, what we write about, and how this site will continue grow and evolve through fan engagement. The Footy Regista is a fan-driven blog on all things football (soccer, for you North Americans). We will voice our unbiased-as-much-as-possible thoughts to provide news, opinions, and pieces that are stimulating.

This blog was started in December of 2012. However, as you can see from our lack of content, a recent re-brand of The Footy Regista has caused past articles to disappear (damn it!). But worry you shan’t, new things are on the way!

What is a Regista?

The word ‘regista’ is Italian for ‘director’. Hence, the regista is the player who dictates play for the team. A regista is committed to his position, sitting behind the majority of the attacking portion of the team, and using that increased field of vision to spread the play, make incisive passes, and keep the tempo of the match going. (S)He sits deep enough to always be available to reorchestrate an attack if needed. Simultaneously, a regista will traditionally have very few defensive responsibilities, being dependent on players around him to do the dirty work.

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