Transfer Talk: Defending Pogba’s Price-tag

The spending habits of today’s biggest clubs are the financial luxury of our dreams. It’s the undying petal on a bed of roses, growing larger into the great maelstrom of expectations.

We are beyond any debate that money has become one of the most important ingredients of competing at the highest level in European football. It is without question, every championship-winning club in the past decade has been big spenders on the transfer market.

In doing so, it has encouraged competitors to bolster their respective squads at an absurd rate: Premier League clubs have spent over €1.34 billion (over $2 billion) in last year’s summer transfer window alone. After the 2016/2017 campaign, the competition between the top 6 clubs will again trigger a spending spree in the upcoming summer window.

In 2016, Manchester United purchased Paul Pogba from Juventus FC for €105 million. This transfer broke the world record fee; €5 million more than the previous record (Gareth Bale) before bonuses.

As spending will only increase, judging players based on their price-tag is an unfair assessment on all accounts.

Pogba is arguably Manchester United’s most important midfielder in the 2016/2017 campaign. In the Premier Leauge, he’s appeared in 33 of 38 matches (5 goals, 4 assists). His physical presence and creative flair is often regarding as his most prominent quality; the media has called him out for trying too hard to live up to his price-tag.

In truth, no player is worth that much money. Simply put, that sum could have been used to invest in 3 or 4 other players that would have benefited the team in the short term and the future. So why did United decide to purchase the French midfielder?

The question that needs to be answered is not how much are you willing to pay for him? but rather do you want Paul Pogba on your team?

If the answer is yes, then you do what you can to reach that goal. And since Manchester United has the financial freedom of spending as much as they need to purchase a player, they decided to reunite with their former academy graduate. So why should Pogba be critiqued based on his price-tag?

Clubs will continue to grow richer through sponsorships deals and burgeoning broadcasting revenues. In the modern era, it is no longer possible for any player to live up to his price-tag.

Pogba is Manchester United’s most important midfielder. As soon as he, the fans, and the media learns that no player can ever live up to his transfer, the better.

It’s time to stop questioning the worthy-ness of Pogba’s €105 million price-tag.


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  1. shotongoalx says:

    Although in my opinion, Pogba is still not worthy of his price tag in terms of performance, the combination of his marketing value, young age, previous experience in England and United’s desperate need for a midfield quality could easily justify the £89 million swoop anyway. What’s important is that MU have spent relatively smaller chunk (23%) of their budget than, for example Real Madrid when they were signing Zidane (54%).

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