Juventus Unveils New Logo in Favour of a Futuristic Approach

On Monday, January 16, Juventus unveiled a new logo that is a drastic change from their current. While many seem to be pessimistic about the rebrand, it does provide a fresh and unique change that is deserving for the reigning Serie A champions.

The minimalistic approach has been a favourite trend for many rebrands in the modern era; and sports logos seem to be headed for that direction as well. Manchester City, Everton, and West Ham Untied are just a few clubs with a rebranded logo in recent years. However, while City, Everton, and West Ham’s new crests seem to borrow elements from the past, Juve’s new logo is a radical change.

The new logo faces tremendous backlash from supporters as many seem to genuinely dislike the simplistic design. Though like most changes, perhaps in time supporters would be able to appreciate the new logo as Juventus continue to dominate as one of Europe’s best.

This rebrand could either be a game-changer in the world of sports, or it might be remembered as a club throwing away their rich and successful identity into irrelevancy. We’ll see if the new logo is a success both on and off the field.This advert is brilliant by the way:

…And of course the new logo comes just days after we had just launched a new Juventus Wallpaper in our Wallpaper page!


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