Is This the Most Anticipated Derby of All Time?

“And now, you will fly to him, and you will battle each other to the death. Red and blue. Fight night. The greatest derby match in the history of the world! United versus City. Mourinho versus Guardiola! The Son of Setúbal versus the Bat of Barcelona!”

Well, not quite the exact Lex Luthor quote but you get the gist. After being branded as the most exciting season yet, this current Premier League campaign is about to witness it’s first gladiator matchup. Ever since Sheikh Mansour’s financial takeover in 2008, Manchester Derbies have been cranked up a few notches.

A squad and culture overhaul has meant that City is no longer bullied by United’s powerhouse sides. Along with new managers spending hundreds of millions of pounds, both clubs are primed to test each other for the title.

United boss Jose Mourinho is known to loath changing a winning team and has made only one change to his starting XI so far. City sit atop the Premier League table only through a higher goal difference than Chelsea and United with a +6. However, Sergio Aguero’s ban will mean that Guardiola must look else where for scoring as he leads the league in goals with 3 in 3 matches.

Premier League Table (Matchday 3)
The top 4 as of Matchday 3.

Meanwhile, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has also netted 3 times and he has a chance to take a sole-position in the golden boot race with Aguero out for 3 matchdays.

Usually matches like these are so hyped up but both teams will end up playing defensively since they do not want to lose–so a draw would probably be a smart bet. However, both sides have game-breakers and we all know that money can buy championships.

The Footy Regista’s prediction: 1-1

Let’s hope that both teams bring some tenacity, quality, and panache. After all, as Lex Luthor once said:

“Do you know the oldest lie in America [senator]? It’s that power can be innocent!”


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